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The stress of moving to a different country, in a continent that I barely knew, was enormous.  Susana’s coaching made all the difference in the world to me, and to my family. Her open mind, her practical tips, her positive outlook and infectious optimism…Susana is to us the Mary Poppins of the millennium! Her empathic nature helped me open up to her and confess to missing the silliest of things! She helped me navigate the anxiety that came with uprooting our children. She had a million tips to help us all settle, and for my children to continue to feel safe and connected. We were living in a fascinating country, but thanks to Susana we were able to go through the settling process so fast and smoothly, that before we knew it, we felt ready to relax and enjoy the fun of our family’s great adventure. She is a wonderful human being and a brilliant coach. - Olga

I had heard of coaching years ago but had always imagined it was for people who were very clear about what they wanted.  I wanted to try it out of curiosity. I have to say it surprised me a lot, and my idea of ​​coaching was totally wrong! Susanna does not judge you, on the contrary, she encourages you to congratulate yourself and focus on what you do well. Susanna asks you the right questions so that the answers come to you. It's like the light you have to light in a dark room. She does not tell you what to do, but she makes you find the solutions for yourself. It makes you face your fears, but it also shows that you have the tools to do so. These tools were inside oneself, and she gently but firmly pulled on the thread until you found a way to look at your fears face to face. Thanks, Susanna, for helping me figure out the limits and how to get rid of them! - Ingrid

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